Monday, May 13, 2013

Wonderful Mother's Day

We had a nice Mother's Day.  Erin had us (Hubby, Celeste and family, and I) all over for dinner, and daughter (Jennifer) in Iowa called---(God bless our children!)---they are so good to us.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal, the grand kids are such fun to be around, too.  Later, Erin treated hubby and I to a couple of movies.  Mac enjoyed all the attention.
On another note, I finished my Juniper tea towel.  I think this one is a little too busy.
The birds at our house are whacked out this year.  We have a robin still banging on our back door;  it has been trying to fly through the glass for a month now.  The cow bird robbed the finch nest and Momma finch abandoned her almost empty nest.  One of the two remaining eggs is dented.  What is going on here?
I guess birds at our house are out of luck.  I watered the fern this morning and got the nest soggy--doesn't matter--momma's gone.

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