Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Love Gardening!

Our side yard here.  I had a bunch of columbine die last year in the drought (because I forgot to water them), but I have 5 plants left.  Once I trim the ivy it will give them a better chance.  The ivy is a bit invasive.
Our dogwood is blooming well, because I watered it last year.  Our neighbor didn't water his and it has very few blooms on it even though it's a bigger tree.
The honesty is doing very well.
I moved two huge rocks yesterday with the help of a dolly.  I could barely scoot them on and off of the dolly---HEAVY.  They were covered by greenery where they were, so I moved them here.
I also got all my plants in the ground and in pots, and guess what....It's suppose to snow tonight and tomorrow.  Yikesees!
The finch nest has five eggs now, with one looking bigger than the others.
Our rockin' robin is still banging at the back door.  The term bird brain comes to mind.


  1. I wonder if that big speckled egg is a cowbird egg. They'll lay an egg in another bird's nest and let the other bird raise it. Ha!

  2. I was wondering that myself...I guess we'll find out pretty soon.