Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tree Tea Towels

I'm doing needlework again.  The majority of the yard and garden work is done, and it's been raining all morning.  I'm working on my fourth tea towel in the Once Upon A Tree series.
As soon as I finish the juniper tree I will have five trees left to embroider.  The juniper is quite detailed and testing my skills with those tiny curves.  With each new towel I load the binder ring with bobbins of the colors I need so I don't have to remember which colors I've been using.  I'm using two strands with the stem stitch and the back stitch for most of the work.  Sometimes I use one strand each of two different colors to get the color I want.
I love a fresh tea towel hanging by the sink; it makes my kitchen time more enjoyable.
My mother-in-law gave me a set of embroidered tea towels at my bridal shower over 43 years ago, and those wore out many years ago.  They were days of the week kittens doing chores--fun.  My Mother-in-law had housekeeping down to a fine art--she was a good cook, too. She's been gone for 11 months tomorrow.  She had a hard time her last few years here on earth.  It was pretty hard for us, too, but I miss her good days.

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