Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tea Towels and Flowers

I've finished another tea towel--this one was easier than the last one.
Tuesday I think I tried to kill myself.  I planted the bed of elephant ear bulbs below---by myself.  Usually I get my hubby to help me.  In the future I must remember to do it in stages.  It was hot Tuesday--a big no-no for me.  Next year I must remember to first peel all the skins off the bulbs, next prepare the bed, then lay the bulbs on top, and then plant them.  It's easier to space them if you lay them on top of the prepared soil first.  There were a lot of tree roots in that bed, and I worked in composted manure and ground up pampas grass my hubby made for me.  Hard work for a hot day. 
I still have about 10 small bulbs left, I guess I'll pot them up then give them away.
Here's what is blooming right now--chives above, and sweet rocket below.
My clematis is just starting to bloom.  The columbine on the left still aren't blooming--very late this year.
Lastly, my roses are just starting to bloom--I have red, pink, and white, but the pink ones are my favorite---Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora.
I hope that is all the hard garden work; I think it is........maybe.

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