Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yard Projects

We've started a new project.  We ordered an above ground pool, and should get it in a couple of weeks.  We started working on getting the ground level this morning.  Hubby rented a sod cutter which made quick work of getting the grass up.  Next I will work mornings to get the ground level.  I'm excited to swim; I think it will help my ankles to improve.

Here we are cooling off in the shade.
One glorious self pic of me---whee!

Last Saturday, Hubby and Erin cut down a dead tree of hers.

I got to watch--with Mac on my lap occasionally.  The last time I helped clear a downed tree, I messed up my ankles--so I decided to watch.

My Brother-in-law came a little later to help haul off all the brush.

My red bag hexies are moving along a little bit.  I'm on row eight.   I have four more rows on each panel.  It's gonna be a fun bag.

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