Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pool Time Coming

Look at our elephant ears this year--Whoppers again.  Although we have been having a very long extended heat wave, they are still doing well.  Sometimes we have to water them twice a day though.  I planted them a month late this year, but they seem to have caught up anyway.

I have been working mornings getting the ground level for our pool that is coming.  It has been terribly hot, and I wondered about why didn't I do this in the Spring--But I know my ankles wouldn't have allowed it.
It's nice to have that part done.  Next I will put pavers where the posts go, but I must receive the pool first to know where to put them.  The delivery man just called (Mr. T), and said it would be here in 25-30 minutes.

My hexies for my red bag are coming along slowly because with being worn out from yard work, I'm not particularly motivated to work very much on them.  I'm working on rows ten (of twelve)--that means two more rows on each panel, then the quilting will begin.
I'm still not sure how I want to quilt them.  Next week I can hopefully decide, after my swimming time in our new pool---tee-hee!  I'm so excited.

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