Monday, July 9, 2012

Hexie Project Progress

I really need to get better acquainted with my new camera.  When our family was watching fireworks on the fourth, I spent more time trying to figure out my camera's settings in the dark, than watching the display.  Sheesh!  Here is one of the good shots I got, thanks to Erin's help.

I am making some progress on my Red Purse.  I have all the hexie's covered, and am now stitching them together.  I'm about 1/8th done.  This part is the easier part of English Paper Piecing, in my opinion. 
I'm not sure what I will do next---maybe my MIL's unfinished quilt.  It needs two borders, one of which I need to buy, but I'm without a vehicle today.  (Hubby's pickup wouldn't start, so he took mine---it's probably the battery.  We've had a lot of hot weather lately, and I think hot weather is hard on batteries.)  I think I will quilt it on the machine because I like to have two projects going--one hand project and one machine project so when I get tired of one I can work on the other.  I would like to do some machine work now, but that's just too bad.

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