Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot, Hot....Cool

We got up real early so we could get to work on the pool set-up.
We got to this point and had to wait for the sun to come up a little more to warm up the pool fabric so we could add the rims and legs.

In the mean time I tidied up a much neglected flower bed.  That's when Erin showed up.

We had that baby standing up in short order.  Erin helped hubby with the pump and filter and salt water filter system, while I tried to keep my head in the shade.  Boy it was hot.  I think it reach 103 degrees today--Weeee!

We found a way to cool off-----

---at least Erin and I did. 
I finally talked hubby into a swim later, but his poor head was cooking, so we got out and took showers, then Celeste and her family showed up for a sweet surprise visit.

 My hubby is quite a fella.  He got us breakfast, and lunch while we swam, and he smothered.  I think the pool is about 2/3's full right now.  I think this calls for a night swim this evening.

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