Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blues In The Garden

One of my favorite colors is bursting in my garden right now.  I love violets, purples, blues, and  lavenders, and they're pretty abundant in the spring.  My clematis is loaded.

Chives are too.

This next flower, the Blue Iris, is responsible for my beginnings of love for the garden.  I used to pick a fresh bouquet or two of these for my room as a teenager from my mothers garden.  I had a window on the west and north sides of the house in my room.  I would clean my room, and fill a couple of bud vases with fresh flowers every few days in the spring, set one on each window sill, then I would throw the windows open, and just bask in the beauty of these flowers.  That's where my love of gardening began.  God has a wonderful creation.

Sweet Rocket has wonderful fragrance.  Music to my senses.
Just love it.

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