Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decoration Day

We went to Shell Knob today to decorate our parents graves.  Isn't it beautiful there?

I had to take the old decoration apart because the foam had an ants nest in it, and I sure didn't want to take that home with me.  I think Erin's snickering about something here, but I'm not sure at what; I think I missed something.

Best Buds, my sister, Alice and I.

Our hubby's are there for us.  Mine kidnapped us drove us around many places that we did not want to go---that's something he picked up from his dad---just a chip off the old block.

Erin usually helps me put the decorations together, but I bought one that was already made this year, since I didn't get the flowers while they were on sale last year.  I usually do that because it's cheaper, and I enjoy it.
I'll have more pictures of the lake to show you later.  (I need a hair cut, or transplant, or something.  A tummy tuck wouldn't hurt either, or maybe just a good airbrushing.)

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