Sunday, May 29, 2011

Table Rock Lake

I promised some pictures of the Lake and here's the bridge at Shell Knob.  The Lake is way-way up.  Normally you can see a lot more of the piers.

Here's a slippery slope you wouldn't want to step off of.  The loose gravel would send you on a nasty trip.

There's a rock ledge in the center of this picture that is usually where people go to dive from pretty high up.  I enlarged the center of the photo below.

Now, it's just  small step into the water.

Here's the birdies today.
Momma finch puts all the poop around the edge--tidy huh? 

In the picture below you can see one of the birdies has his eyes open.  Click on the picture.  I think the nest is getting crowded.
Today after church I picked some of my pink roses, and took one to each my sister's grave and my brothers grave who happen to be burried clear across town from each other.  The rest of the bouquet went to my MIL when we visited hubby's parents this afternoon.  We watched the ending of the Indy 500 race with them.  That was quite an ending.

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