Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple Pocket

 Here is another little pocket that is fun to sew.
This is the Apple Pocket, and I hang it on the fridge.  I have been keeping my Library receipts in this, although I don't use them much since I check on line more than look at the receipts.  It's good for other things as well.

It is made similar to the Tomato Pocket, and the Cherry Needlebook.  I made three of these for my oldest daughter, Jennifer-who lives in Iowa, to keep on her fridge for her three kids.  I made one each in red, yellow, and green.  I wish I had taken pictures of them. 

The decorations are beading and embroidery on double layers of felt swirl cutouts, and a felt stem.  The stem was an oval shape that was rolled up and stitched, then embroidered and beaded.  The little balls are made like the balls on the Cherry Needlebook.  The stems are Embroidery floss (3-6 strands) that are twisted real tight and folded in half (twisted cording).  The handle is beading attached on both sides of the opening for the pocket.

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  1. The bead work is beautiful! I bet that's fun to do.
    ☺ Celeste