Monday, April 12, 2010

Sophia's Quilt

Well, here is our last grandchild, #8---Celeste's sweet little baby girl (#5 for her), Sophia, or Sophie, or Soapy Feet as her big sister, Evie, sometimes calls her....

Above are pics that Erin took a couple of months ago....and below are her current pics from Celeste...

Ain't she a cutie?  I just want to kiss her sweet little cheeks.  Such a sweet little baby, and so happy too.
When her momma was still carring her I made some little shoes for her.
The key word being "little".  She wasn't  able to wear them.  She could have worn the larger pair, but her toes would have been curled up, so maybe someone in the family will have a baby girl that's a little smaller.  She couldn't wait to get here and was born in the suburban with the whole family on board.  That's how she got the name Sophia--they pulled in front of a Mexican Restaurant in the middle of the night on the way to the hospital, and she wasn't waiting any longer--they like sopapillias (I think that's how it's spelled) so--Sophia is her name.  Here is the quilt I made her...
I named it Pink Peppermint Twist, but this one doesn't have a label yet---I'm so bad.
Here is cute little Sophie playing on the quilt.
Sophie on Momma and Daddy's bed.

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