Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Erin's Pillows

  Our youngest daughter, Erin and I made some big pillows for her bed at her house. 

First, we measured off 30" square on a twin sheet set and cut 6 squares.  Then she sewed around the edges leaving an opening.  Ironed them before turning, and then turning them.  Next we found and marked the center on both sides for the two covered buttons.

Covering the buttons was the next step.  Mark the circles with the template on the back of the box of buttons, and cut them out.  Then pop the button into the fabric circle with the help of the rubber button holder--that's my name for it, and snap the button back on.  I really like the last picture of the finished buttons--it's on her glass top table and you can see the reflection of her light fixture on the ceiling and the floor at the same time.

She then stuffed the pillows with two bags of fiberfill for each pillow.  She stitched the opening closed using the ladder stitch.  Using my longest doll needle and some carpet thread we added the buttons--one on the front and one on the back.  Cinching it down took both of us--her to push the two centers together and me to tie the knots.

Here all three are on her bed.

She has a knack for decorating so I must show you the rest of her room.

This was suppose to be a TV stand and she used the slots for baskets to slide in and out.  I think it looks really nice and a little less like a dresser or chest would.

Here is what Dad did while we were sewing.
He loves to read.  He also changed out her light switches in her bathroom.  Yea for the men.  They do all the scarry stuff.  Part of the time we were sewing in the dark though.


  1. They turned out so nice! Good job you two!
    ☺ Celeste

  2. T'was fun, she did most of the work.

  3. Indeed, it was fun! The Needle Bender informed me that it would have been more fun if I'd had the correct needles though. Who knew there were so many kinds of needles? :)