Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner

The day before the wedding was a very busy day getting everything set up.  I caught a cold right in time for all of this--yuck!
For the rehearsal dinner Tanner's mom fixed a baked potato bar.  It sure was yummy.  Thank you Amy.
This was in a different room at the church.  They were so nice to let us use their building, of course there was a charge for that, but still they were very nice.
Here are some of Tanner's relatives.  See that little boy, he (Tanner's nephew) was the ring bearer.
Here's Erin with the flower girls (our granddaughters).  I think Tanner was still in line.
It was a very long day for me.  Picking up all the rental stuff and delivering it to the church for our grandson's and others to unload.  So many people worked to make this wedding great that I can't tell you who all did what.  I was doing good to be there.  Thank you to all you wonderful relatives and friends who helped make it so beautiful.  I am waiting for the pics from the photographer--my niece--of the beautiful wedding.

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