Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grand Sons' Basket Ball Games

In January we made a trip to Iowa to watch our grandson's basketball games.  We stayed in a hotel so I could swim to help my back.  Here I am on the big comfy bed taking a selfie.
We watched 10 games.  Some were games our older grandson, Cyle, coached.
So proud of him.
The other games were our Grandson, Cole's games he played in.  He's #10 here.
It was hard to get a good pic of him because he was always on the move.  He's quite a go-geter.
He was the biggest scorer on his team.  The last game he scored about half of the points.  His team won all their games, and Cyle's team won all but one.  It was so much fun. 
Our grand daughter, Britt, enjoyed the games, and she and I got tickled at one the refs who managed during a time out to put the ball through the hoop and catch it right in the face.  She has a sense of humor like me--Fun Times!!!