Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wedding Preparation

Here are the succulents wrapped in gold lame which I found out is pronounced La-MAY.  Even my male Chiropractor knew how to pronounce it---What!!!??  He also made fun of me for pronouncing it lame (as in: "that is lame").  It's a good thing for him that I need his work.
Erin had to get me started on this project, and Tanner showed up.  Erin quickly put him to work, then I heard him mutter under his breath, "I shouldn't have come over here".  Ha-ha!  I quickly put hubby to work also.
The day of rehearsal everyone was put to work.  I didn't do much because of my back--I had to make a special trip to the chiropractor that morning.  I wish I could have helped more.
This here is our oldest daughter, Jen, and our grand daughter, Madison.  I was suppose to help with this project, but that would have killed my back.
Here is Erin fixing the aisle material to walk on.
The tables, 22 of them, looked very nice.  See the succulents?  I think they turned out very well.  That was my itty-bitty contribution, other than moola.

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