Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Erin's Shower

I'm trying to catch up on some of my blogging, can you tell?  Our oldest daughter, Jen, came to town and made this scrumptious cake for Erin's shower.  It was Lemon lavender, and it was yummy!
Erin's shower was on the 14th of February.  Before it started her fiancé, Tanner, came and sat on her lap to begin the fun.  Then all the guys and kids went to a movie.
Here is Tanner's aunt and mom with Erin.
Some other guests.
The presents--It was a lingerie shower.
Our middle daughter, Celeste, whose home it was at has been adding on to her home.
Her hubby, Jeff, is the builder of it all in his off hours, and I love her chandelier.


  1. Thanks, and thanks for ALL the HARD work. It was a beautiful shower!