Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wedding Day

On February 28, our baby got married.  All the pictures are out now, and every one is through posting on Facebook.  Now it's my turn. 
Erin was a beautiful bride.
It had snowed all day, and it was a beautiful snow.  Erin was hoping for snow.
This was taken in the halls of the church.  So lovely.
We had a string quintet for the music; they did a very nice job.
Our oldest grand son, Cyle walked me down the aisle.  He is so handsome and tall.  I have to reach up to hug him,  but it's worth it.
Our two youngest grand daughters, Evelyn and Sophia were the flower girls. Sooo precious!
Tanner's nephew, Zeph, was the ring bearer--what a cutie!
Erin and her daddy surrounded by the best looking ushers ever--Cyle and Cole, our sweet grand sons.
The ceremony begins with her daddy and I giving her away.  Kind of sad, but we love who we gave her to--Tanner is the best.  Our other sons-in-law are always teasing me that he is the favorite son-in-law.  We love all our sons-in-law.  Each one is unique and special in our eyes.  I wouldn't trade one of them.  Next post will be about the Ceremony. 

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