Friday, April 27, 2012


I was at my sister Alice's house the other day going through some pictures with her, and found these pics she had taken of my family a long time ago.........This is hubby in the drivers seat, and our middle daughter and I fixing a leash on our dog Brownie.  We were at my parents home, and it looks like we were getting ready to leave--(a one and a half hour trip).  I have my handy dandy baby quilt for Erin.  Sometimes we all five made the trip in this pick-up, but not very often.  It was pretty crowded.  Of course, Erin was always in my lap with Jen, and Celeste in the middle.  Squished!

Here's a pic of Erin and Jen down at the place near my parents home where we all went swimming if it was warm enough.  That stump was called the jumpin' tree by our kids and their many cousins. We had lots of fun times there.

These next pics are for future reference of how my yard looks at certain times of the year, so you can skip if you like.
Here's looking out our bedroom window.

My roses are all blooming---love the pink ones.


Below are Sweet Rocket with Mock Orange, and Honeysuckle---you can not imagine how good our backyard smells now---we sleep with the window open with a small fan in the window, and wow!!

My Columbine are starting to bloom, although this pic doesn't show the bloom very well.

Look how big my hollyhocks are now.
I hope they bloom soon.

I will not show you a pic of how much weeding I need to do--I'm still waiting for my ankles to improve enough to get down to my knees and back up.

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