Friday, April 13, 2012

Memory Board

A Memory Board just finished for my sister, Alice, and her husband, Dale.  It has two layers of batting hot glued to foam core board.  The fabric is folded to the back side, and hot glued back there, then the ribbon is also.  Lastly, I used an ice pick to poke holes underneath the ribbon intersections through the fabric, batting, and foam core board, then inserted 2" brass brads through the holes with the ribbon in between the two spokes--which then are folded open on the backside.

It has indentions where the brads are pulled through because I pushed down on the brads before opening the two spokes--which you can see here.
It's ready for pictures.

I've been up at the hospital a lot lately with my MIL.  She was sent home with hospice care yesterday--pretty sad.  She's 89 and having a real hard time right now.  I think she's ready to leave this world, but the dying process is pretty agonizing in her case, so we would appreciate your prayers.

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