Monday, February 21, 2011


I think I may have lost my mind here--my eyes aren't what they used to be, and I'm tatting with #80 thread which is WAY small.  The directions for this lace call for #40, but I couldn't find it--so tiny it will be.
I may finish this in a year or two---Maybe!  Rather than finish a project, I think I'll start a new one.  Make sense?

Eye candy!  I can't believe how many blooms my amaryllis has on it. 
Wow, I just love it. 

I went to the library to get tax forms this morning, and they were closed for Washington's Birthday, so I called Dear-Ole-Sis, and she told me to get them on line---DUH!   I'm just stuck in my old habits, and I like them, too, so I will just wait until tomorrow, and go back to the library. 

She also told me that since my husband is old we can get them figured free downtown.  She didn't exactly put it that way though, she said, "How old are you?"  I'm not quite old enough, but Hubby is.  I still like to know what's going on with my taxes, so I think I will do them.

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