Saturday, February 19, 2011

Iowa Pics

I want to show some pictures of our trip to Iowa.  This is actually looking across the Missouri River into Omaha from one of their points of interest.

This next picture was taken at the Lewis and Clark Memorial.  If you look past the concrete pillar foreground, you can see the Missouri River.

I think this next one was the Lincoln Memorial spot.  I don't remember what this was all about, but there was a great view here.  It was so cold here, but it was warmer than it had been, so some of us weren't dressed warm enough.  Brrrr!

Our oldest daughter's home shows her great ability to pick out paint colors.  I don't have this ability,  it is almost always a shock when I paint the walls as to how the color actually looks  on the walls.  Love this color.
Sorry this photo is so blurry, but this is her front room.  Brittany, our granddaughter is learning to play the piano, and coming along nicely in her abilities.

This picture shows some of the things she received from my hubby's parents.  Not sure about the history of these objects.  I know the owl with the long nose used to scare my girls when they were very small.  It was made by my MIL's cousin who made a lot of totem poles in Oklahoma.


  1. Nice! Their living room looks very pretty and cozy! I really bad at picking out good paint colors too...really, really bad.
    ☺ Celeste

  2. I like the paint color too! I'd be scared to paint with that dark of a color but it looks great!