Thursday, February 3, 2011


I really enjoy embroidery work; it's so relaxing--It DE-stresses me when I'm all wound up.  Last night we watched a very stressful movie---"2012", and I just quit watching it and did embroidery work while my hubby enjoyed the movie.   Works for both of us.  It also keeps me awake--he doesn't like it when I fall asleep watching a movie--so I'll stay awake, but not watch the movie--I guess that is more agreeable.

I keep all my embroidery floss for my current project on little plastic bobbins on a ring.  It's real handy if I need to grab it and go.  Pretty too, huh?

Here's my first tea towel.
Now, I'm working on the second one.
By the way, we received 10 inches of snow Tuesday--it's official.

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