Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out

Storm's over; now it's time to dig out.
I love fresh snowfalls.
I'm not sure how much we got; it's kind of hard to tell with all the drifting.  I would guess about 9 inches, but I think they are saying 12 inches.

I only shoveled enough to get out of the garage--our SUV is kind of tall, and the antenna always hits the door anyway.  My hubby asked me to shovel a few feet in front of the garage and the front porch, so I did.  I also put a salt sand mixture at the base where the garage door closes down.  We've had times when we couldn't get the door open, because it was frozen to the floor. 
Now we need to brace ourselves for the cold.  It's suppose to get down to -10 degrees tonight, and
tomorrow through tomorrow night aren't much better.

I still love this part of winter.  Fresh snowfalls are so beautiful.

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