Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

I can't believe it, we got more snow--looks like about 3 inches.  I may actually get my fill of snow this winter.  It's been several years since we've received this much snow.  When my hubby and I were first married back in 1970, we received 24" of snow in the town we lived in.  My hubby worked at the hospital and couldn't get to it--that broke my heart.  I was glad he wasn't stuck at the hospital when it snowed.  I wouldn't have enjoyed the snow at all.

It's a lovely sunrise this morning.   Thank you, Lord--Isn't He a marvelous creator?  The stunning beauty He created is so awesome--Its hard to comprehend the marvel of it all, it just blows me away.
Something else I enjoy is our aquariums.  It's hard to get a good picture of the fish--they wiggle too much.
The Baja Sharks, and the Clown Loaches I will never get a good picture of they're too busy--you can see the Dwarf Gorami, and our big old black Angel Fish though.
Something else I want to show you is our huge house plant that turned into a small tree over the years.
I doesn't look so huge here, but it takes up a good portion of this small bedroom.  Once it warms up, it's going outside.

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