Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Star

This is one of the surprises I got for my hubby for Christmas.  Our Bible Study group viewed this on our last meeting before the winter/spring classes start up.  It's amazing--you must see it if you get a chance.  I know my hubby will love this.  I'm pretty sure he won't look at my blog before Christmas, so I can tell you about it.  He's in the kitchen doing dishes for me right now--I married Mr. Clean.  He actually enjoys cleaning, and that works for me.
I actually would rather do the dishes myself, but on my schedule--you know when I feel like it.  A while back I asked him not to do dishes and it hurt his feelings, so now I LET him do them-- I'll adjust--tee-hee!
I have presents to wrap and gingerbread to make, and supper to cook.  I best get with it.