Monday, December 6, 2010

Pet Sitting For Our Grandkids

We're watching our grand dog, Chili.  He's a sweet dog. 
We are also watching their hamsters, and I forgot their names.  Erin and I are calling them Al and Mickey.
This is Mickey--He likes to bite. (It doesn't hurt that much, but it is startling).

And, this is Al.

Chili likes to stay near us, right now he's curled up by my feet.  I think he really likes my hubby best, but hubby's at work so I'll do.  My hubby spoils him a lot.
See what I mean.  I don't think Chili's allowed on the furniture at home--he may need retraining when he gets home.

Yesterday we started putting up our new TV.  Here's how it looked before.
We had to move our 55 gallon aquarium, and the TV, stand, and all the parafinalia that goes with the TV.  What an ordeal.  Our daughter, Erin helped us--I don't know what we would do without her.  She found some sunglasses behind everything.  I think they were broken. 
Moving the aquariums really was tons of fun. 
We watched The Day After Tomorrow after Erin got it all hooked up--she's so smart--I just can't stand it.  We have an Amp, Speakers, Video player, Blu Ray, and new TV with their wires galore and places to plug in that just make my head swim, and she figured it all out.  I just helped with the other stuff, running to the store and picking up food.  WOW!  What an ordeal.  Chili was just running around like everything was normal.  Because I am so electronically challenged I made sure we labeled everything as we unplugged them, and Erin didn't seem to think this was necessary.  It wasn't either.  Just give me a needle and thread.
This is what it looks like now, but we're not finished yet.  I do love the new TV, and the way the aquarium looks on the new stand.  The picture is great, and I can't wait to see an actual
Blu Ray DVD.  The sound is good too.  It will take me a while to figure out the remotes, and how to work everything.  Right now I need to run to the pet store and get a new heater for the large aquarium, before the fish die.


  1. The heater couldn't take the strain of all the excitement? I hope you got a new one before the fish became hypothermic!

  2. I don't know how, but it broke. I got a new one right after I posted. It took a while for the water temperature to come up though, but we lost no fish. One of our Baja Sharks was swimming upside down for a while though. All is well that ends well.