Friday, December 24, 2010


First, I made the gingerbread--I use Wilton's recipe that I have used for years.  Next I drew up some patterns for the house Erin and I wanted to make.
It was nice to have two pairs of hands.  I rolled and cut out the pattern pieces while Erin baked them and ...
took them off the cookie sheets to cool on racks.

We pounded some clear hard candy to put in the window slots.
Back in the oven to melt the candy--we put it on waxed paper so we could get it out of the pan.  Greased foil might have been better.
It doesn't take very long for it to melt--so we watched it happen.

Here are the pieces with melted and cooled yellow candy in them.
In the morning or afternoon we will start the assembly with Royal Icing.

Here is my own Mr. Clean helping us out.
Thanks dear.  We also went to a Candlelight service tonite at our church.  I'm pooped.

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