Monday, September 13, 2010

Hexie Love

 I've started a new project--HEXAGONS--I needed something to work on in the evenings and when traveling.  It will be very portable.  I made these two yesterday afternoon while my hubby and I were watching a war movie.  That's a good diversion for me because those movies are a little too intense for my enjoyment.  Hubby is always reading something about's his hobby.  He always knows the answer to just about any question I have on the subject, which is nice because I don't like the nitty-gritty details.
I'm thinking lavenders, purples, blue violets, and various shades of these for this quilt.  This is my first project that uses English Paper Piecing and I am enjoying it--it's so precise.
Each small hexagon is 2.75" across, not including seams, and each flower block is about 7.25" across.  I figure I will need about 81 blocks for a good sized lap quilt.

Here is the back of one flower block.  The basting stitches and paper will be removed when the blocks are joined together.
I have a hexagon template for rotary cutting the strips of material into little hexagons with seam allowances.  This should make the cutting go a little faster.

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  1. i love your hexies & the colours are so pretty. i'm also making some myself. it's a fun project.