Sunday, September 5, 2010

Erin's Cake Making

 My daughter made a wedding cake for her friends wedding that took place this last Saturday.  I had her send me pictures so I could do a post about it.  Since I'm not back to my old self yet, you can see what she's been up to.

At her house she baked the many cakes--boy it sure smelled good over there.  I just went over there to torture myself with the smells.

She let them sit out a while so the crumbs would dry out a bit, so they wouldn't be such an issue while icing the cake.

Next is the removal of the humps to make them level and flat. That's the best part of the cake-Mmm-mm!

I loaned her my mixer that I received for my hubby's and my wedding over forty years ago.  My mom used it to make wedding cakes, then I used it to make wedding cakes, now she uses it to make wedding cakes.  That mixer is still a beauty.

With a ring of icing used as a dam she added the filling between the layers before stacking them.  Yum!

She iced them, but didn't stack the tiers until after transporting them--that's where my hubby and I come in.  Our SUV is perfect for that--We've had some scary rides out into the country hauling wedding cakes with stacked tiers, and that is just WAY stressful.

After the long ride to the bride's parents home, she stacked the tiers with dowel rods.  Finally she added flowers.  Ta-Daa! 
The wedding took place on their large property.  There was a tent for the reception, fireworks, a dance to salsa music in the gazebo by the wedding couple, as well as the all important ceremony.  And here's Erin posing with one of her masterpieces.


  1. Thanks for doing a post on that, I posted it to my facebook page. :)