Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Greenish

 I love the green of the outdoors, and I love evergreen trees---so I made one for my pins.
It's made up of five little stuffed shapes.  In the picture below I have completed 3 of them, and joined them on the straight side (middle of the tree).  They are stuffed with Poly-fil for the upper 2/3 of each shape then filled the rest of the way with regular rice before closing it up.  The rice makes it HEAVY and I like that.  Have you ever pulled a pin out of a pincushion and the pincushion went flying?  Well, that won't happen with this one.
I really like it--excuse the toe.
I think it will be great for when I am cutting out a clothes pattern.  I can just set it on the pattern piece before I pin it and the pattern piece will stay put while I pin it.
Now, if I could just get this excited about doing dishes--and COOKING--I did not inherit my mother's genes in this area like my sisters did.  However, I used to enjoy cooking when I could eat sweets--I made pies all the time and cookies; I even made my own bread.  Now, cooking is a necessary evil, and I have to eat right or I will get sick again.  Oh, well.  At least I can still sew.

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