Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Another yard work day here on Black Friday--sure beats fighting the crowds at the stores!  We got the front yard and east side-yard cleaned up and ready for winter---I forgot to take pictures though.  It took me a little bit to get going since I have been sick this week, but I finally did.  I took down the fern on the front porch, and hubby and I noticed that this evening some purple finches were hanging around looking for it.  I think they have been roosting in it at night.  It's probably some of the finches that hatched in the nest that was in the fern this spring.  I took their home down---*sniff-sniff*.

While we were working in the yard we smoked the turkey that was thawed in the refrigerator.  I cut it in half so it wouldn't take as long to smoke.  It took 10 hours.  It was a very nice day outside--beautiful weather with temps in the 60's.  Here is one half of the turkey.

I got six bags of meat---that will make six meals for us.  I am freezing four of the bags.
A very good day. 
The rain is suppose to start tonight; it will be cooling off, and snow flurries are in the forecast for tomorrow night and Sunday.

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