Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Yard Work


Saturday I dug up my elephant ears---This is how they looked this summer.  Big and beautiful.
I am posting about this so I will remember how I did it, in case I want to do something differently next time.

First I cut off the tops.........

Then I dug them up and removed most of the dirt.

Here are the tools I used; a spade, claw tool, and, knife.

Next, I lined them up across the yard, and with the slope of the yard going away from me I hosed them real good to get the remaining dirt out.  The first two are done here.

Here they all are cleaned up and ready to dry out in our garage.  I have about 16 good sized ones, and 18 small ones.

My hubby cleaned out the dahlia bed.  We both worked very hard.  He also cleaned out the gutters at our house and our daughters.
We both caught some kind of 24-hour bug Monday, and have been in bed for a day.  He came down with it first, and I came down with it 6 hours after him.  He went back to work  this morning.  I'm still running a low grade fever--I hate being sick.  We had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans so our grandson Cole wouldn't get this because of his treatment he's going through.  Bummer!!


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