Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jammy Day

What is it about quilters and new pincushions?  I love them.  This one will be great for applique with it's 24 small spools of thread---24 colors.  How great is that?

I found a tutorial on line, but I can't remember where, for this Monkey Pincushion.  I had made notes in one of my sewing journals on how to do it.  So yesterday I got inspired to make a pattern with these tools.  I used a 10 inch dinner plate for my first circle, then folded my freezer paper twice to find the center.  With my compass I drew a seven inch circle in the center, and using a protractor, I marked 30 degree increments for the divisions in the circle, and connected them with a ruler.  I used a single edged razor blade for cutting out the slots, but you could use an x-acto knife.

I found the tutorial here, and here.
Here is a pattern thats real cute, also.
Here's a close up for the sewing instructions, if you're interested--click the picture twice.
RST= right sides together.
WST= wrong sides together.

I marked the blue side, but....

the brown side was what needed marked since I was using that for the outer side.

I'm having a jammy day today--I love jammy days, because I get so much done.

I can't wait for my next applique project.

I thought brown would go with my ottoman and couch, since that is where it will be when I'm sewing by hand.  My ottoman gets a little cluttered sometimes when I'm sewing.

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