Friday, August 19, 2011


The good news is, I made three more rows of apple cores---Yea!

I've been trying hard to make sure I get the first apple core turned the right direction so the row will line up with the one just finished.  Oops!  I needed row ten to go the other direction, so now I am working on a row to fit in between the two.  The others fit okay, so one row is all I need to fix the problem.  I will just need to renumber the rows

I keep a number pinned to the left side of each row so I will know how to join my rows when I'm ready to do that.  The new row will be row No. 10, then these will be rows No. 11, 12, and 13.

I lay out my new rows so they look pleasing to my eye then gather them up in order with the left apple core on on top, then give them a row number, and pin them together.  Who knew it would be this complicated.  Things are never as simple as you think they will be, but it's really not that hard unless you mess up.  I think maybe I need to draw an arrow on my labels, so I don't do this again.

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  1. That's too funny! At least it's an easy fix!