Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

I am blessed with a wonderful family.  We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house with two of our three daughters, one of our son-in-laws, and five of our eight grand kids.
This is the set up for Thanksgiving for ten of us.  I have two card tables which slide under each end of the big table to accommodate all of us.

Here I am working the bird over, and posing with a silly smile.
We also went to see hubby's parents--all ten of us.  Later we came back to the house for a movie.

Black Friday Weekend has blessed us with new computers--Wa-hoo!  We got them this afternoon, and Erin helped me figure out my new browser--what a sweetie.  Thanks Erin.  Now I can post on my blog--Yipee!

I've started a new project that I will show pictures of soon.

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