Monday, November 29, 2010

My New Handwork Project

I've started working on an applique project.  I plan on using it on our table---if it pleases me in the way it looks there.  Sometimes I just have to see before I make up my mind.  Here is what it looks like so far---
This is half of one of the appliqued borders.  The pink flower base of gold is actually the back side of the fabric for a little variety.

As you can see there is more work to be done on it.

I found the pattern in this book, and I want to get one border done, and the pieced inner part of the quilt before the book is due back at the library.

I like the black checks and the black background for the borders.  I've never done applique on black fabric before, and soon realized I needed a task light.  I got one on Black Friday for 30 dollars off of a regularly priced $50 Ott light.  Quite a deal.  Here's what it will look similar to as a tablecloth.
Our table is a rectangle harvest trestle table, but it will still work.  I put my Hexie quilt on hold till I get to the point where I return the book.  I was going through handwork withdrawal and needed some handwork to do;  I think this will keep me busy for a while.