Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movin' Along

Here we are, I am ready to audition different fabrics underneath to fill the holes with.
I also need to fill in two of the ends with half hexie's.
I'm thinking dark brown for the holes and violets for the half hexie's.
I also think maybe a dark brown for a small border, and then a hydrangea print for the large border.
Hopefully I can find one.  I usually can't find what I want when I already have my mind made up as to what I want, so I may not get what I want.
Erin says she likes the holes, and that it wouldn't be very warm though.  I agree. It does look neat, but I would like to snuggle up under it.
I'm thinking about hand quilting it.  I would have to NOT put this on the back burner though, because I want it done soon.  I have about five unfinished quilts and I don't want this one to be added to the list. I'm not sure about a name yet.  I did notice a quilt similar to this one in the kiddy movie Chicken Little. Remember Chicken Little and his Dad having their talk in Chicken Little's room? The quilt was on his bed.  My hubby and I watched it the other night while I was working on my quilt and we noticed his hexie quilt.  I guess I could call it Chicken Little.  In the third grade I made a paper mache chicken puppet, and I wound up being the star puppeteer in the puppet show Chicken Little that we put on for our school.  So, there you go--that's two votes for Chicken Little.

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