Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zoo Fun

One of the areas in the zoo was the Butterfly and Insect Pavilion.  The butterflies would land on you so no jackets were allowed, and we had to inspect ourselves in a special room before we left.
Most of them were in the windows.  Their preferred food is half rotten fruit.  There were all kinds of other insects in the other pavilion.  I didn't take pictures because they were mostly creepy bugs and spiders.  Hissing cockroaches and the like. 

The Madagascar area had an island for the ring-taled lemurs.  One little girl kept calling out to them, "King Julius!"  I guess she saw the movie Madagascar.
Another area had a large cage that you walked into.  The lemurs would actually come up to you, but we were suppose to keep six feet between us and them.  We weren't allowed to have any food on us.  I saw why when they came to feed them. 

I was a little closer than six feet when I took this picture and they made me move back.

They really liked the food.  You can see the cage wire in this picture.
We saw some sea lions, which I did not get a picture of.

The monkeys were on an island surrounded by water with Koi and Ducks.
A real interesting  exhibit was the Gorillas.  I believe this one was a male--they didn't have him with the females and babies.  He was eating his cabbage and keeping an eye on Cole here.
What a view!  Our son-in-law took a picture of the gorillas backside on his camera to send to someone.  The area with the moms and babies was interesting, but there were too many people around the windows to take a good picture.  I appreciated the fact that we didn't have to smell these guys.  Windows for us to see in, and vents to the outside for them.  That's all we got pictures of.  I hope to go back and see the rest of the zoo, there was a lot we missed.

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