Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Great Niece Quilt

I just finished basting another baby quilt.  I can't wait until it cutes up from quilting it.  This is my favorite part coming up.

I decided to baste it the same way as the last one.  It took a couple of hours.

The difference of before and after quilting is big.
Yesterday, I was soo busy.    I had Bible Study Class, ate out with my sister and niece, got groceries at three different stores, bought material for my next quilt, got my eyes examined, and ordered new glasses.  Whew!  Wears me out just talking about it.

My FIL and BIL took an honor flight to Washington DC, so we also went to see my MIL and she was doing fine. I guess a little time apart doesn't hurt much.

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