Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Baby Quilt

I'm working on another quilt; it's for my great niece who's due to arrive shortly.  I love pinwheels, and I don't know why--just do.
Here's the stack of cut-outs.  After I cut them out, I mark the back with a cutting line down the center and two sewing lines on either side of the cutting line.  The chain sewing begins.  First down one side, then I turn and sew down the opposite side.

The next step is to cut them apart.

  Then I piece the blocks together.
To get the points to match, I stick a pin vertically through the two points, then pin either side of that pin making sure it stays vertical; remove the vertical pin and stitch.
The back side needs two short seams in the seam allowance unpicked so it will twirl and lay flat.
After the top is completely pieced, I begin the basting process.  I'm trying something new I found on Minick and Simpson's blog.  There was a video tutorial on this.  On the floor, (you could do it on the table) I roll the backing up on a board then the top on another board.  Now I can unroll it a little at a time on the table with the batting in between the two.  I baste across from left to right, because I am right handed, a swath of quilt about12" deep.  When that is finished I unroll some more and baste some more, repeating the process until the whole top is basted down.
I am anxious to see how it quilts up.  If I don't like it I can use safety pins instead of needle and thread.  Still I'm excited that I no longer have to drag out two long tables and set them up to spread it all out on.  I can do it on the kitchen table using only half of the table and two boards to do it with.  Ya-Hoo!

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