Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Bag and Flowers

Well, I had to make another bag.  I really like the colors of this bag, even though it might not go with too much of what I wear.  It looks tropical when I wear white--very summery.
I made the white one below last week, and my hubby asked if it was a new bag or one of my old ones turned inside out--thanks dear.  I tried putting an embellishment on it and didn't like how it looked, so I made another one just because I can.
The aqua bag is made slightly different than the white one.  I added piping to the seam around the outside of the bag (I made the piping with cord and small--3/4 inch--strips of fabric).  This bag took two fat quarters for the outside of the bag--1 for the body of the bag, and 1 for the handle, piping and handle sleeve.  It took a little less than 1/2 yard for the lining and backing of the quilt sandwich for the outside of the bag.  I had some smaller pieces of polyester batting that I pieced by zig-zagging them together to make them big enough for the middle layer of the quilt sandwich.  I quilted it with straight lines, and I rather like that.
I also took some pictures of our flowers--Here's our front flower bed.  I bought a couple of rudbeckia a few years ago,  now I have more than I need.  I gave quite a few to our daughter Erin this year and last, and sold about 40-50 small seedlings at our garage sale this spring.  I still love these flowers.  They do get a little top heavy and tend to flop over, but I have some of them propped up with wire supports.
The begonia is potted in a concrete planter on the driveway.  Believe it or not it is only one plant.
Another bedding plant that I love in pots is Sweet Potato Vine.  It just goes crazy.  Soon I will have to either trim them or walk around them on our porch.  I took these pictures last week and the vines have grown about 10 inches since then--WOW, or as Ben Stein would say--wow.
Another favorite in containers is impatiens--I haven't been real good about feeding them Miracle Grow this summer or they would be a lot bigger.  They're big enough though.
You can see the begonia's planter below.  I've had this planter quite a few years, 8-10 or so.  It's starting to get that aged look.
 It's been quite hot lately, but I love my summer flowers----and air conditioning!!!

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  1. I love the first bag, and you have a colorful and wonderful garden.. I love this post dear.