Friday, August 6, 2010

Pincushion and Needle Books

 Well, I've been sewing again.  Here are some small projects.  Three needle books and a star looking pincushion.  I saw this pincushion on several blogs and decided to make it a few days ago. 
First, I cut out fifteen squares.  Five in three different colors each--2.5" square.
I joined the squares like a four patch leaving one side open and stitched the fifth square in that spot.  I did this for the top and bottom colors to make two 5-patch assemblies.
For the middle color I joined the points and two sides of the middle color to the top color points and two sides--(actually I did it wrong the first time and had to take it out, because I ended up with a bubble instead of a star)--the way I'm telling you is the correct way--points to points. After all the middle squares are joined to the top color assembly, you sew the middle's remaining  points with each of their two sides to the valleys in the bottom color assembly all the way around leaving one side open for turning and stuffing--points to valleys.  Turn and stuff.  Stitch opening closed.

Add a button--I used a button off one of my daughter's first coat. I also cinched it down by using strong thread to bring the needle out through the bottom and back up several times and pulling tight, then knotting securely.
This pincushion is large enough for my flat flower head pins--they are pretty long.  The little doily I tatted quite a few years ago when I was learning how to tat.
The needle books were made from a pattern I got from the book
Sew Pretty Home Style that I bought a few years back.  I use these needle books for my embroidery projects.  When I cut off some floss and pull out a few strands to use, I roll up the remaining strands on my finger and lay them in the pages of one of these books to use later.  I keep that needle book with its needles with that particular project until it is finished. 


  1. These are something I have never seen or heard about. It is unique and good. I like them.

  2. Thank you Ramlakmi; I visit a lot of quilting blogs--that keeps me up on the latest in the sewing world.