Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Madison's Quilt

Our fourth grandchild was born the same year as our third.  Madison.....

is the oldest of our middle daughter, Celeste's kids.  She loves bugs, frogs, snakes, plants, rocks, anything she can find, and she is always exploring the outdoors.  She's been a "dirt daubber" since she was a little tike.  She is growing so fast I need to put a rock on her head to slow her down.  Here is the quilt I made for her....

I named it butterfly garden since she is such an explorer.
Here's a close-up ----

I love this last picture of her----I caught her in mid-air when she was jumping and twisting around.  It's always been hard to get a still picture of her.  She's a busy girl with a mighty sweet heart.

She loves to draw and make books and she's good at it, too; she has quite an imagination and very creative.