Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brit's Quilt

We have eight grandchildren as of now, and I have made quilts  for each of them.  Starting with the oldest I will show their quilts.
This is Brittany ----
She is a sweetie, and I enjoy her company.  We've had some fun times when Grandpa takes the boys trick- or-treating and we get to answer the door..Actually she does that usually, but we enjoy the sights together.   We have also carved pumpkins together with her brothers--that's fun too.  Brit has always been a girly girl--she really loved dolls when she was little.  She likes to cook, and craft--she makes her own jewelry!  She enjoys hanging out with her friends--she always has lots of them.
I made her quilt for her 14th birthday, if I remember right.
Here I had cut it out.  I love the way we cut out quilts these days--it's so fast.  (Is my age showing?)

Here the blocks are being sewn.

With the blocks assembled and borders on, the quilting begins---I love my Janome.  Best present my hubby ever gave me. (I did get to pick it out though.)  I almost didn't get it because of the pricy price.  My hubby didn't mind the price, but I did.  Every time I sew, I say,"I  LOVE my Janome!"

It's almost completely quilted here.  The toy chest/ottoman is the right height for me to do my quilting without back strain.  And it is.

I named it "Laffy Taffy".
This isn't such a great picture of it.  I like to photograph them outside when I can.  There, the lighting is better than a flash.   I think the flash just washes out the colors and texture.


  1. What a wonderful talent you have! You grandchildren will forever treasure this!

  2. Your grandaughter is beautiful. So is the quilt! Love all those cheery colors in it.

  3. Lovely granddaughter and beautiful quilt.

  4. I love the color combo. It's eyepopping!
    ☺ Celeste

  5. What a stunning quilt! Love the bright colours.