Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Erin's Quilt

Eleven years after our first daughter, Jennifer was born we had another daughter, Erin.  It was almost like a second family with a gap of eight and a half years between her and our middle daughter, Celeste.  What a blessing to have a child when you are a little older.  She keeps us from getting settled into the "old" category as quickly.  If it wasn't for her, I would know absolutely nothing about the computer.  She's a whiz in this area.  She uses this gift in her job.  I homeschooled Erin from second grade through High School.  I learned alot in this process.  I homeschooled Celeste eleventh and twelveth grades also.  Celeste is the one who got me started in that,  poor kid, she wanted me to do it starting in Junior High, but I was slow to come around.  I do have some regrets here and there.  I actually wish I had homeschooled all three daughters from start to finish.
I made Erin a "sister quilt" (actually, I made hers first, as I recall).  I named it Cherry Cheesecake.

I was inspired by a quilt in a magazine that had pieced cherries rather than appliqued ones.  It also had vines all over it and I didn't care for that either. 
Erin wound up being my helper for a lot of my projects when she got a little older.  We painted backdrops for church cantatas, Sunday School classrooms that were kind of crazy, and even a Baptistry.  She also helped me teach art classes. 
Here she is at about one and a half years of age.  She was helping me here too.  Yum!

Erin and I enjoy gardening together.  She takes a week off in the spring to do yard work, alot of which we do together at her house.  And we always go shopping for flowers together.
Here's  a close up of her quilt.           


  1. She always was a cutie even if she did always scream in my ear the entire hour and a half trip to grandma's...every single time! I'm pretty sure I have hearing loss in my right ear. Huh? What'd you say? Ha! That story just never gets old! Does it Erin?
    That quilt is one of my other favorites!
    (We're only 8 1/2 years apart, btw...remember, I'm only 29!)

  2. She was a super cutie!! And LOVE the sister quilts!!

  3. You're right Celeste; thanks for the correction. I will fix it.

  4. Yes, it never gets old. Neither does the "take me out and spank me" story. :) At least I've kept things interesting!

  5. Your daughters are beautiful and each quilt takes on it's own entity. I would have called this one Life is a bowl of cherries. I hope you share photographs of Erin's gardens.