Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Stuff

We got some new things at our house.  First, a Christmas tree that is pre-decorated---just plug her in.  It has jingle bells all over it and when my hubby walks by it jingles.  It's about 4 feet tall and fits on my piano nicely.  I'm really in the Christmas mood this year, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.
 We got two new medicine cabinets--one for either side of the big mirror.  This frees up some counter space--gets all the little bottles out of sight--Yea!!
And, lastly two new door knobs--we could actually use more of these, but this is a good start.  We've been living in this house for 40 years, and it time for some new knobs.
Next I would like for us to build some shelving, and maybe one of those cabinets like we made our daughter (plus maybe one for another of our daughters).
I made a pecan pie, and two pumpkin pies today also.  We ate one of the pumpkin pies already.  I'm getting up early in the morning to cook a Thanksgiving Meal for seven, Lord willing, that is.
Whew, it's been a busy day, and tomorrow's going to be busy also.  God has blessed us so much.

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