Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Chores

With Fall comes outdoor activity--we had a work day at Erin's.  Isn't her Sugar Maple gorgeous?!  Pictures don't do justice.
I worked in my front flower bed getting it ready for winter, then....
went to help (a little) at Erin's house where Hubby had finished the chain saw action on one of her many trees, and trimmed up three others--she is now left with ONLY four trees in her back yard and four in her front yard.  We calculated that she has gotten rid of four trees in her back yard, and many bushes everywhere.  Following that she got all the compost and twigs off of her deck's roof (it's a metal roof with deep channels).  We sorted through it to get the major twigs out, then took it to her front flower bed.
Willow leaf compost.  Nothing like composting on  your roof.

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