Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Flowers

Sunday, Erin, Hubby, and I did our flower shopping.  Our daughter bought the impatiens, and I bought the ferns, and flowers in the back.  It was a busy day, because Hubby was installing a new kitchen faucet.  Sunday morning I was rotating the faucet and it came off in my hand--not good.  After church and lunch we got a new faucet, then flowers--Yeah!!
Here are my flowers, and herbs.  Monday morning I worked on the poison ivy again.  It is quite a process.
I'm digging down only 6 inches to get the roots I can, so this summer I'll have to stay on top of it making sure it doesn't come back. 
You want to see what poison ivy does to my leather gloves...... 
...and that's after I laundered them.  No wonder my hubby breaks out.

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